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Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage: Why Choose Us?

With all the opportunities in real estate careers from different brokerage firms knocking at your door, how do you choose the right one? How can you be sure that the company you want to join will not take you for a ride and dump you? Well, choosing the right brokerage to sell for can be challenging. Besides, it has many far-reaching and long-term implications. However, it is still possible to choose wisely and reap enjoyable future benefits. To answer these questions, this post shares practical and easy solutions to them by showing you what to consider before choosing. Read on to discover and remain on the safe side.

Corporate Culture

Before joining a brokerage firm as a sales agent, you should factor in the corporate culture. It is necessary to do this because its culture will determine how well you will work and fit within the team. Also, the company’s culture will affect how you work because it can either motivate or demotivate you. For instance, a company that values staff achievements and recognizes them will have a motivated sales team. Inversely, a real estate firm with a culture of isolation where everyone is there to collect their pay check will suffer cohesion problems. The ORANGE GROUP OF FL encompasses agents from all walks of life and career goals. We operate a brokerage where you are in control of your own career. We are only here to act as a guide and will be just that in your career. Whether you are here to make money, make connections, or just learn, Our culture supports you in every aspect as we are also growing with you.

Available Tools

Second, you have to factor in the tools the company will avail to enable you work effectively. The reason is that without tools such as an enabling office environment and relevant technology, your efforts will be frustrated. Make sure that the brokerage supplies you will the necessary technology for your work in its soft and hardware form. At ORANGE GROUP OF FL we realize that todays tools all hinge from you and your choice of operation. Some people choose the face to face business while others choose to use social media to gain business. Whatever tools you use to get business is totally okay with us. We are a business and realize that everyone has their own secret recipes and tools of success.

Its Agent Retention Duration

Are you planning to become a professional job hopper? If you aren’t, then pay attention to this point. The reason is that even though you may not stay with one firm throughout your career, you need to have a reasonable level of stability. Otherwise, who wants to keep changing employers annually? Therefore, you should check the NAR’s website to find out how long the firm retains its salespersons. This way, you will be better placed to know if your prospective employer will give you optimal value for your time. Our leisure business attitude supports agent retention because there are no deadlines. There are no business goals stressed upon you. We are very generous in our commission split so that you can make it a career and not just a hobby.

Its Agent Compensation Plans

Also, you have to establish how the company pays commissions to its selling agents. With most brokers paying a 50-50 commission, you have to be sure who will pay for your licensing and other benefits. Also, you have to determine how the firm handles referrals and lead generation. These are very important to factor in. ORANGE GROUP OF FL is a 85/15 commission spit agency because we know that you can’t live on half your earnings. We rather pay you more so that you can make a real living with your real estate career.

The Broker’s Expectations

It is also needful to factor in what the agency expects of you.  For instance, find out how much time the potential employer expects you to stay at the office and in the field. This way, you will be better placed to know how to adjust and harmonize your expectations with your employer’s own. Consequently, you will be an advantageous position to choose your ideal working style.  At ORANGE GROUP OF FL there are no expectations. Work as much or little as you want to work. We understand that not everyone has 80 a week to give to their career. We want you to succeed at your own goals not ours.

Room for Growth

It is also prudent to determine if the company you want to join will provide you with enough room to grow. This is a valid consideration especially for rookies. The reason is that some brokers offer free mentorship and training programs for their starting agents. Such training covers practical insights that you will not find in the licensing training manual. Others also provide continuous training via seminars and workshops. If you value your career, then you should pay attention to this.

The Company’s Reputation

Lastly, it is necessary to establish the kind of reputation the firm has in the local realty landscape. This is important since joining an outfit with a tainted reputation will taint yours. Remember, you can know a person’s character by looking at the kind of company and friends they keep. For instance, if you join a company that screws clients, you are most likely going to be infected by that moral virus. So, do your research by asking other reputable agents in the area. This is the main reason that we started the ORANGE GROUP OF FL we knew that reputation played a very important factor and we also believe in this wholeheartedly. Though we operate as a team we see ourselves as a firm that believes that if you don’t work you don’t eat and we all need to eat.  This is why we don’t force you to go out and get business but encourage you to do so.

Final Remarks

With these tips and insights at your fingertips, selecting the right agency to help you advance your real estate careers in sales shouldn’t bother you. We hope you will optimize them to get the best partner who will help you to earn and grow in your property selling career. ORANGE GROUP OF FL not only wants you to join us but partner up with us for life. We truly want you to succeed and retire from our firm. If you give us this opportunity to be your broker, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Join the team the makes the most of every detail that we encounter and make money at the same time.