Who We Are

Hello and welcome to your choice commercial and residential real estate partner in Florida! ORANGE GROUP OF FL is Florida’s cherished and preferred real estate brokerage firm. We are here to offer your clients full-service realty and management cut to suit and meet their commercial and residential needs.

When the client is looking for a partner and professional to take care of their properties including their repair needs, there is no one better than us. If your client wants to rehab their property and depend on us to sell it, here is where we shine! We are equipped to handle all these tasks at the most competitive rates in the market and in the most efficient manner. Moreover, you never worry about getting renters or buyers for your client’s property when they hire us. We have a wide connection with sellers and buyers all over South Florida and pride ourselves with taking care of their business.

Moreover, we are not one-time hitters out to make the “big kill” and take off, no. We are here to develop and keep a lasting relationship with our clients. We want to add value to your life and your clients lives by helping you give them the services that they require ad demand. Additionally, we add value to property owners’ lives by helping them to get the best value for their investments. That is why our customers have rewarded us with continued and increasing business for the last 25 years. To us, long-term partnership means that we don’t want to part ways with our business beneficiaries because “they are a part of us.” If you are craving this kind of lasting and mutually fulfilling relationship with a real estate partner, then welcome home—at ORANGE GROUP OF FL.

Our Services

We have been in this field long enough to know that the success or failure of our customers and business depend on the quality our services. The reason is that without satisfactory services, we would be like a golden vehicle without wheels to move to its destination. Here are our custom services that you will be able to give your clients.

Join the team the makes the most of every detail that we encounter and make money at the same time.